Cricket relations and sitcom couples

Elaine Puddy – Eng Aus

They are together because they know no better. They strongly dislike each other but can’t do without each other. They fight over the silliest of reasons and make up because they are easy lays.

Chandler Janis – India Pak

They have a long history of not liking each other, cheating on each other, but still love each other (or so they think).

Monica Chandler – Ind SL

The steadiest and the most boring relationship. Ever.

Gunther Rachael – Ind Bang

Gunther can never get Rachael, but desperately wants her. She would be his final frontier. Gunther would do anything to get Rachael but Rachael couldn’t care less.

Ross Rachael – Ind Aus

They know they would make a great couple but for some reason they just can’t seem to hook up. And when they eventually do, the TRPs skyrocket.

Ross and the photocopier girl – Ind NZ

Mostly like one night stands. They can’t remember when was the last time they slept with each other but remember they once did and enjoyed it – somewhat.

Monica Richard – Ind WI

Richard was once younger and Monica looked up to him. When Monica grew up they hooked up but soon realized that Richard couldn’t keep up and deliver results.

Penny Leonard- Big bang theory – Aus NZ

We’re neighbours so might as well.



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2 responses to “Cricket relations and sitcom couples

  1. loki

    Crazzy inferences man..totally buy it..amazin punch in d end!! Welcome back!!

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