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Happy Days

The other extreme to my previous post is the abuse of the word “happy”.

Happy is prefixed to any non-event – Happy weekend, happy friendship day, happy  lou day. What is this suppose to mean?

For example, what does Happy Independence Day mean? How am I suppose to have a happy independence day? What does having a happy independence day entail? Happy weekend to some extent makes sense. I know what I need to do to make my weekend a nice one. What about a republic day. Is watching the army parade supposed to make me happy or watching a sleepy prime minister’s speech suppose to transcend me in to another state of being. And if you “celebrate” on of those greeting-card-invented “occasions” like friendship’s day, mother’s day – it just makes me feel bad for you, very bad.

May be we should generalise these and make them “a sad excuse to wish you day”, “I can send you spam day”, “sad excuse for a holiday day”.




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