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A “Fast”er democracy

The Anna Hazare movement has been a great awakening for the middle class. People came out in large numbers to support the “Gandhian” and make their voice count. This has also had a great impact on the political class, with them realising the potential of protests and more importantly fasts, it is in this that Mr. Bakasur see his next great opportunity. I had the pleasure of meeting him and he detailed his plans for his new venture. His plans of starting fasting centres all over the India has business gurus calling it India’s greatest business plan after the Nano.

Me: Hello Sir, thank you for taking time out to speak to me. Can you tell me little bit of your background?

Bak: Thank you for having me. I come from a family of restauranteurs, we have over 20 restaurants all over India.

Me: Can you tell me a little bit about your new venture?

Bak: Everyone says that this is the season of fasts .. I don’t think so I think they are here to stay. In line with this, we are starting a chain of restaurants catering to fasts. There is going to be no more worrying about venues for fasts, we will be starting a 24×7 fasting centre for all people with all sorts of motives.

Me: Thats a delicious idea. What is the scope for this idea?

Bak: Reports have been positive and our initial market research has given us positive feedback.  Experts are suggesting a 20% increase in fasts over the next 5 years and that’s CAGR. We are very upbeat and are hoping we will be able to satiate the market. It is a recipe for success!

Me: Can you give some details about the business model?

Bak: It’s very simple as pie. You book in advance and let us know how long the fast is going to go on for and what is the expected turnout. We will make all arrangements for the fast – from decorations, appropriate banners, posters, we will make up slogans for you, we will get in touch with media channels for continuous coverage and also our team will manage your social media. Apart from this, we will also arrange for children on the last day of your fasts who will feed you the juice to break your fast – we could arrange any kind of kid based on your taste and pocket  [laughs out loud]. We also arrange for off-field entertainment for your supporters during leaner hours – ferry wheels for kids, food stalls. We also will build merchandise around your fast (the profits of which will be shared) to monetize the event as much as possible.

We have few categories of fasts based on initial market feelers –

– 1 day fasts – Fast fast food

– 2-7 day fasts – Anna Sambar fasts

– 8-15 day fast – Gourmet fasts

Me: That’s fascinating. Have you got any orders in the bag?

Bak: We have been talking to a few people. You see, it is very critical for us to talk to everyone, all political parties, we have to remain as apolitical as possible, to keep our customer base intact. We will be going live soon but with the number of scams and general pathetic state of the country we can expect continuous protests and thus, business.


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