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Take on me

You know how the internet will regularly remind you how old you’ve become or how many years since you were a precocious kid and now you’ve become an annoying old grump. Listening to the unplugged version of Take on me by A-ha was one such moment for me.

I remember watching the original on MTv when they still played music and good music at that. One of those mind blown moments for me. The video was like nothing I’d seen – magical realism, love story, intrigue, it had it all. The music was peppy, rebellious still had an angsty quality to it. It was quite the song for the youth.


It was reborn in my consciousness when I saw this Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle video. It reminded what fun song – so dancey. (Watch the entire video, especially, Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing superbass, he is fly AF)

The unplugged version showed up on my twitter timeline a few months back has been on my playlist ever since. I’ve played it so many times, my 5 year old has the lyrics more or less memorized.

I’m not the biggest fan of this slowing down the song for a rendition. There are some which I like immensely but in general not a fan. But then, I won’t be breaking my writing hiatus if I wasn’t such a fan of this song.

The context is so important for this cover. It was a pop hit in the younger days of the band and the audience, something rebellious and angsty for our younger days. And then there is this version, that has aged so well like the band members! The rebellion is replaced by a longing and the angst by a quiet desperation.

You can feel yourself singing with him, feeling teary eyed, reminiscing! Oh those days! Oh that song! Oh this song!

My favourite song of 2017.


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