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List of abused terms


Some techie once said that we produced more information in a year today than we did in all the years leading up to that one.

The fallacy in the statement is that if we were to remove the LOLs from Facebook, twitter, etc. this statistic would not hold good any more.

My problem is it is not appreciated when it happens in real life. I have been told a million times that my laugh is too loud and I should not, wait a minute, laugh out loud! Its been called the Ravana laugh. So much so, that I once laughed out loud only to reduce my friend’s cute 1 year old to tears!

And don’t lie to yourself, you’ve told people not to laugh that loud or stared condescendingly at people who did.

So, don’t laugh out loud or LOL or effing tweet like this. http://twitter.com/henrygayle/status/22858481608


Honestly, who the fuck rolls on the floor while laughing. I once did it to impress a girl, she snubbed me then; only to marry me later. Ok! That’s not a good example.

I also laughed my ass off once; the sales of gas masks went up that week.


I am not your bro, you are not my bro. I don’t want to be your bro and I don’t want you to be my bro and I don’t want you to want me to be your bro.. you get the point!

This is the only bro I like because it was funny as hell. “Hey bro!” isn’t

Dedicated to

How can you dedicate someone else’s song to your friend, to be boyfriend or the neighbour’s bitch your dog sniffs ass all the time.

Authors dedicate books to their wives because they stuck with them; rappers dedicate songs to their mom because they kept the rappers off pedaling coke.

You can’t! It isn’t yours to dedicate. All you did was called the RJ and looked up the song on youtube and say “I dedicate it to all my countrymen”. Not done bro!



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